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    Yoga in Abu Dabbab

    Yoga by one of the best beaches in the world

    Whether you would like to try yoga for the first time or you have been practicing yoga for years, joining our drop in yoga classes in Abu Dabbab, will be one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences imaginable while visiting the area. Our Sky Platform makes Yoga sessions by sunsets and sunrises, a unique experience every time thanks to the breathtaking scenery where the sunrises from behind the sea and goes down behind the mountains creating an incomparable, beautiful ambiance for your yoga session. If you are new to yoga there is no need to be shy, here in Abu Dabbab we have special workshops on adjustments, postures and understanding your own body. We also provide a wheel of life, a session that will help you to live to the fullest and find balance in your life. We believe that you can do and achieve anything, to help you we have coaching lessons to teach you how to break free from limiting yourself. With a personalized, daily schedule you will feel at ease with a special routine that fits you. Our qualified instructors will be the muse to your chaos. We have everything covered. All that’s missing is you. 

    Yoga and More

    Yoga, snorkeling and diving by one of the best beaches in the world

    Immerse yourself in the excitement of vibrant local traditions, practice water sports like scuba diving, freediving or snorkeling, explore the desert and then unwind with authentic yoga practice with our unique selection of yoga drop in classes and programs. Our waters are beautiful for scuba diving, free diving and snorkelling. Crystal blue waters full of majestic fish that will guide you to your inner peace. The variety of color and creatures that you will find in our waters is breathtaking. Discover that there is a whole other world under you and explore it like it is your own. Take full advantage of Abu Dabbab and explore our Arabian desert in true Arabian style whilst you watch the sunset and sip on your traditional egyptian tea, let your soul run free and your mind become at peace. The heat in the desert is healing, helping you to breath easy and relax.

    Accommodation for Yogis

    Yoga friendly hotel in Marsa Alam

    Our accommodation here is nothing but eco-friendly. With 62 wooden bungalows it is the perfect destination for nature lovers and diving adventures. Set in a luxurious garden full of tropical plants and breathtaking views from every patio. Our beds are as soft as they can be and you will melt inside of them as you drift peacefully to sleep. A place like no other, a truly special destination and a must visit. Offering you everything you need and more, nothing is impossible here and dreams really do come true at Abu Dabbab.