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    The Delightful World of Dolphins

    The Delightful World of Dolphins

    The Delightful World of Dolphins

    Dolphins belong to the national treasures of the Red Sea of Egypt. Inorder to maintain this unique tourist attraction, a sustainable plan isrequired to save these great marine mammals. Therefore, we are very fortunate tohave the Red Sea Governorate supporting conservation efforts. Together with theNational Parks of Egypt organisation, approval has been given regarding thenewest regulations. They are stated in the new Code of Conduct for dolphinencounters.

    Scientific research studies have resulted in the establishment of thefamous Fanouz and Shaab El Erg reefs as the principal sites for dolphins tocome and rest, sleep and feed their calves during the morning hours.

    Peculiar of note is that dolphins sleep whilst swimming slowly closetogether in a group. Their resting hours shouldn’t be disturbed by the presenceof people, eager to get into the water for a dolphin encounter or by theagitating sound of blasting music or blaring boats horns, seeking attention toplease tourists.

    As tempting and ‘cuddly’ dolphins appear, they shouldn’t be touched.Both human and animal diseases can be mutually transmittable. Enjoy passive interaction andkeep a respectful distance. Let the dolphins decide if they want to play.Respecting a dolphin’s comfort zone reduces events of a mother failing to givemilk to her young or even entire families leaving their resting places to findpeace elsewhere.

    Contrast to popular belief, enhanced by their ‘cuddly appearance’, thecute looking dolphins are in essence top predators and basically animals livingin the wild. Hence an endangered dolphin is likely to show aggressive behaviourif mistreated.

    The new Code of Conduct helps us understanding the habitat of thedolphins. They are a guideline on how to improve their quality of life. 

    We can help protecting our dolphin friends and contribute to sustainabledolphin tourism in the Red Sea by acting with plain common sense on a diving orsnorkelling trip.

    It’s in everyone’s interest, both residents, tourists and locals alike,to preserve continuity of the quality of life of dolphins in a healthy andsteadily growing population, enabling all of us to appreciate the beauty andgrace of the dolphin now and for many years to come.

    We kindly appeal to your commitment to contribute to the protection ofdolphins, securing our ‘Egyptian National Treasures’  to live grow, and reproduce in a safe andsound environment.

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