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    The Aquatic Fairytale of Sharm El Luli

    The Aquatic Fairytale of Sharm El Luli

    It’s not easy to capture the beauty of Sharm El Luli. Is it its crystalbeach? Is it the water’s fifty shades of blue?. Discover for yourself. Put onyour mask and fins! We’re going to Sharm El Luli!

    Sharm El Luli is kindly referred to as ‘paradise’, halfway between thetown of Marsa Alam and Berenice, and is nothing short of idyllic.

    This is splendor in the true sense of the word. We are at the crystallinewhite sands and fifty shades of blue of the waters of Ras Hankorab. Thispristine spot is locally known as Sharm El Luli. This is where you put on yourmask and fins and just walk into the water, straight from the stone free beach.The beach has a very pleasant gradient so you can wade in effortlessly. Aftertwo minutes of swimming in the company of your snorkeling guide, you areentering an amazing world that looks like a magical underwater forest.

    The coral formations at Sharm El Luli are truly fairytale stuff. The fishlife here is interesting with so many different species. The vibrant riot of colours,the shapes and the sizes of dozens of different corals are just stunning. It isvery encouraging Sharm El Luli hasn’t lost its charm. You just feel like driftingaway and dream your own underwater dream. Again, the corals formations are justsimply amazing. If you are lucky enough to spot a turtle, the chances are goodit’s one of the hawksbill variety. You can tell a hawksbill from a green turtleby its head and hooked beak-like mouth.

    Once you’ve completed your magical underwater forest tour, you swim tothe shore in the presence of your snorkeling guide and find some chillout time inthe bedouin tent on the gorgeous white beach. Should you fancy a souvenir, thanyou cannot miss out on the Bedouin women selling traditional beads andnecklaces.

    Sharm El Luli is virtually undeveloped. Here, you won’t find any shops or restaurants or hotels or bars or even toilets. This is down to the bare essence. All you hear is the sound of silence and of the glinting sea.

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