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    Sensation Of Snorkeling With Dolphins

    Sensation Of Snorkeling With Dolphins

    So you thinkyou can snorkel with dolphins? Yes, you can in the Red Sea with Blue OceanDiving Centers. Amazing reefs provide a truly unique opportunity to observedolphins and swim and snorkel with these graceful and intelligent friends inthe wild.

    Sha’ab Sataya,Sha’ab Samadai and Sha’ab El Erg’s most distinctive features are residential orpatrolling pods of spinner dolphins or bottlenose dolphins. These reefs are widelyrenowned as one of the world’s most pristine locations to experience dolphinsin their natural habitat.

    When you goout on an exciting adventure to snorkel with dolphins you of course arrive byboat, full of anticipation. When you arrive at any dolphin scene, the crew willinvite you to get ready by putting your fins on and keep your mask ready. Youwill be handed a life jacket or floating vest so to speak, for your own safetyand comfort.

    The firstsigns of the presence of a pod of dolphins is when they surface partially abovethe water, exposing their back and fins. Sometimes they keep their heads slightlyabove the water as if to observe you. Or maybe just out of curiosity; as ifthey want to form a welcoming party for you! It’s an exciting and memorablemoment to see our friends at such short distance.

    This is usuallythe moment when our boat crew and snorkelling guides will invite you to get intothe water. Once you’re in the open water with our guides, you are in for anencounter with dolphins; a memorable sensation not likely to forget. You willsee dolphins passing by in school formation. You will notice that they are carefullyprotecting the young ones.

    All of asudden, before you realise, you are likely to be surrounded by surfacingdolphins. Curious as they are by nature, they can come very close to you,sometimes even at touching distance. As tempting and cuddly as they appear, youshould however never touch a dolphin. They have a layer that should stay intactto protect them from transmittable diseases.

    While you are snorkelling,keep your arms alongside your body and just enjoy passive interaction. Please donot chase them. Let the dolphins decide if they want to play and dance with youand how close they want to get to you.

    If you’relucky enough, you can hear the dolphins vocally communicating with each other.They do this by producing a high-pitched clicking sounds and whistles.

    Please always bearin mind that dolphins are in essence wild animals in open water. They are not likehouse pets. Therefore, although they show up almost every day to entertain you,unfortunately, sightings or encounters cannot be 100% guaranteed.

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