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    Egyptian Maldives / Hamata Islands

    Hamata Island Marsa Alam Aerial View

    Egyptian Maldives / Hamata Islands

    These islands in the so-called Qul’an Archipelago are fringedby breathtakingly beautiful coral formations, home to amazing sea life,including dugongs, dolphins, rays, clown fish and marine turtles. Their sandybeaches gave rise to the sobriquet ‘Egyptian Maldives’. Here’s when you can stroll those white and sandy beaches, meanwhile observing different kinds of rare birds residing on the islands andenjoy the exciting marine life in the lagoons. The Qul’an Archipelagois part of the Wadi El GamalNational Park. The islands here have turned into a birdwatching sanctuary withlarge colonies of inhabitants. In Wadi El Gemal, you’ll find the largest nesting colony of the sooty falcon on earth.

    Weare now in a remote archipelago in the southernRed Sea Riviera of Egypt, almost flirting with Sudan’s territorial waters,situated slightly less than 150 kilometers from Marsa Alam and about 45 km north of the Berenice settlement.

    We see giant sea turtleslooming and the timid banded dascyllus, together with the domino damselfish.Bi-colored cleaner wrasses stoically move forward together with sergeantsscissortail, the crown squirrelfish, the blotch-eye soldierfish and the turkeyfish;all at a backdrop of spectacular soft and hard coral formations. There’s a nicemélange of raspberry corals, bubble corals and fire coral to be explored,together with tapestries of brain corals and pulsating umbrella xenia.

    Bluespotted eagle rayshide in the sand. Turtles wander graciously in search of seagrass. A dugong,the amazing sea cow, may pop up. Of course the all too familiar clownfish doesnot lack from the fish potpourri at Hamata, as doesn’t the blackspottedpufferfish.

    Hamata is brilliantly fitfor snorkeling. This is the Red Sea at its finest. So why not discover theuntouched and natural beauty of Hamata National Park.

    In the early morning hourswe will make a transfer from your hotel to the Hamata Marina, where we willstart moving at around 6:30am. We will be sailing the Red Sea for one hourtowards the Hamata Islands of Siyul, Showarit and Um El Sheikh.

    You will enjoy an amazingday out with lunch included on board of our comfortable boat. Included are transportationper boat, snorkelling equipment, diving guide, soft drinks, coffee and tea,water, freshly prepared buffet lunch on board, transfer from and tohotel/resort.

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