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    Our Commitment is preserving
    The Nature of Abu Dabbab ;

    Since establishment in 2006, Blue Ocean Dive Centers & Resorts was passionately dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Red Sea’s flora and fauna and its marine life. With the motto ‘Nature First’, we are capitalizing our crews’ efforts to maintain the continuous promotion of the Red Sea’s aquatic environmental and ecological awareness, in close harmony with governmental authorities, divers communities, the Chamber of Diving & Water Sports ‘CDWS’, Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association ‘HEPCA’ and PADI

    How do we put are awareness and commitment into practice? Let’s give you an insight look.

    Turtle Watch Egypt Program

    One of our initiatives is hosting Hepca’s Turtle Watch programme. The advanced Turtle Watch Egypt Program is based on the principle of “Observe to Conserve”. This concept is designed to collect vital information from professional and recreational divers on the movements, abundance and distribution of the Red Sea’s turtles communities.

    Turtles feed on jellyfish. Tragedy and cynicism dictate that plastic, floating in the water, conjures up visions of jellyfish. It is our goal to reduce the use of plastic and disposables as a precautionary measure. Furthermore, we patrol the bay with ribs to locate plastics and collect them.

    Turtle Nests

    It’s our ambition to create more space on the beach. We can achieve this by moving all the beds on the beach at least 20 meters. In most of the areas, there are enough places to accomplish this. This will mean that the beach itself will actually be nicer and bigger and, more importantly so, it will allow turtles more space to lay their eggs again. Turtles are vulnerable to climate changes. The warmer the nests the more female offspring a turtle produce. The cooler the nests the more turtles will give birth to a male species.

    We like to contribute to a healthy gender balance and reproduction, hence, Beach lights at night are reduced at nights. At the diving center, restaurants, bars, Bedouin tents etc. Saving energy, and letting turtles coming out at night to lay their eggs.

    Abu Dabbab Beach Cleanups

    We take part in mandatory beach clean ups at Abu Dabbab Beach. Blue Ocean team maintains daily and weekly routines so that every staff member participates in beach clean-ups on a regular basis. We ask for the staff to help us get more people for the beach cleanup. We alert our guests during their check-in and ask divers to join during debriefings after the dives. We collaborate with Hilton Hotel and Malikia Hotel to make one big clean up every week with staff and volunteering hotel guests. We share the same beach so it’s only natural to take shared responsibility to clean it!

    Educating and Guiding

    All guests who visit Abu Dabbab Beach, Abu Dabbab Lodge and Blue Ocean Dive Center are being informed about the rules concerning marine life and environment. Guests staying in the Lodge are briefed during their check in or a welcome get-together. We organize scheduled workshops to promote eco-tourism and educate about wildlife underwater.

    In future, the usage of plastics is gradually banned at Abu Dabbab Beach and resorts on Abu Dabbab Bay. Our travel agents, diving clubs, partners and suppliers who use Abu Dabbab Beach will ban the use of plastics as well.

    Diving and Water Activities

    It’s in our believes and daily interest as residents, regular guests and visitors alike, to preserve continuity of the quality of life of coral reef, marine spices including dolphins and sharks in a healthy and steadily growing population, enabling all of us to appreciate the beauty and grace of the Red Sea now and for many years to come.

    At the beach we dedicate time and spaces for daily waste management, conduct workshops and briefs around the nature in Abu Dabbab and Marsa Alam among many daily diving procedures and instruction conducted by Blue Ocean pro-divers and instructors to increase eco-friendly habits and awareness during enjoying the water activity .