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    Different types of Yoga

    Different types of Yoga

    There are many different types of Yoga and there are also many different benefits, let’s talk about them! 

    Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga that involves breath, body and mind. This is one of the most typical types and sessions last from 45 to 90 minutes. 

    The benefits of Hatha are flexibility and balance, it also enhances strength when practiced regularly. Can you believe that Hatha Yoga is also actually recommended by doctors for older patients who suffer with joint pain and who also need to improve core strength! 

    Onto our next form of yoga which is Vinyasa ! 

    Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga in which strings postures together allowing you to glide from one to another effortlessly by using breath. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘flow yoga’. Vinyasa Yoga benefits include helping to create a more balanced body and prevent repetitive motion injuries that can occur if you are doing the same thing everyday, like most of us are! 

    Although Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga, it is not very well understood, and as there are so many different postures you will never have 2 classes the same, every class is different, which helps recognize the temporary nature of things. 

    So, have you ever heard of Iyengar Yoga? 

    Well you should have as it is the world’s most widely practiced yoga! Teachers of Iyengar must be well practiced and qualified to help students find their own level in each pose and as you must give all of your attention to each pose and really focus it is known to help massively in relieving stress and anxiety. 

    Iyengar classes often run at a slower pace than others but the hard work is real and it is definitely not an easy option! 

    Benefits include things such as toned muscles, a calmer mind, pain relief and a better posture. 

    Are you ready to get sweaty with some Bikram Yoga? 

    Bikram Yoga is set in a heated room that is designed to make you sweat and Bikram is hotter than hot! It is performed in a  65 degree room (celsius) with 40% humidity and has 26 poses that do not change. 

    The benefits of this are weightloss and toning which sounds pretty good to me!

    However there are also many more that go deeper than just the physical appearance such as, preventing chronic illnesses, improving posture, promoting a better sleep and a deep sense of wellbeing. 

    Bikram Yoga is commonly mistaken for hot yoga. However Hot Yoga is a little more relaxed and the rules can be bent slightly whereas Bikram is super serious! 

    So now that you are familiar with a few different types of yoga, which one sounds like your favourite ? Maybe you could even test it out for yourself! 

    Happy yoga!

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