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    Marsa Alam Travel Guide

    Dolphins belong to the national treasures of the Red Sea of Egypt. Inorder to maintain this unique tourist attraction, a sustainable plan isrequired to save these great marine mammals. Therefore, we are very fortunate tohave the Red Sea Governorate supporting conservation efforts. Together with theNational Parks of Egypt organisation, approval has been given regarding

    These islands in the so-called Qul’an Archipelago are fringedby breathtakingly beautiful coral formations, home to amazing sea life,including dugongs, dolphins, rays, clown fish and marine turtles. Their sandybeaches gave rise to the sobriquet ‘Egyptian Maldives’. Here’s when you can stroll those white and sandy beaches, meanwhile observing different kinds of rare birds residing on

    The grey mangrove Avicenna marina is the main mangrove species growingon the coast of the Red Sea. It has the tendency to ‘fringe’, encircle, tidalwaterways. It grows on higher ground and in a wider range of environments thanany other mangrove.The Avicenna marina mangrove in the Marsa Alam area is approximately3mtrs to 8 meters average